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MuseLed Says Hotwire: Requiem for the Dead is “A Great Story”

Review by Sue Lukenbaugh

The city is in a tailspin of riots, and the blue lights that have plagued the city for decades have begun to act erratically. Alice Hotwire is the girl everyone loves to hate, even among her police peers. She has a devil may care attitude, and she gets the job no one else can done.

In the city, the Police scramble to gain back control. They don’t understand what caused a police incident to spin out of control, after all it isn’t the first time cops have been caught on camera beating people, but it video of two officers beating a teen has gone viral, sparking a large rancorous mess. 1/3 of the city, maybe more are involved in riots plaguing the city. When the department receives an unexpected visitor, one that no one knows how to handle, they finally want Hotwire around, but she’s not in the building, and she’s got her own problems.

The unlikely team of Hotwire and Mobey are being subjected to quite a light show, and Hotwire has her hands full trying to save her informant Filthy from the Skull Face that has its hooks in him. She needs to free him before it kills him, like it’s done to others that played in the fog, but it’s not letting go without one heck of a fight. It still has plenty to say and none of it good.

The unexpected visitor to the police station is a blue light still moving around in his body, a zombie without the drive for some brain munching, in fact he doesn’t even know he’s dead yet, and the cops are going to let the exorcist take care of it rather than trying to convince the guy his life status has changed.

The new city commander is busy trying to prove she wears the pants to Hotwire, when the Blue Light suddenly goes boom. The city may be rioting, but that may not be the biggest concern. Between Ghost bombs and people smuggling blue lights, the ghosts are getting stronger, and no one knows how to stop it. Hell, most people are so focused on the riot, they don’t even see the real threat. But with a security alert set to go to the reckless cowboys of Homeland Enforcement, the same guys that killed Hotwire’s mother, she has only 36 hours to figure out who is behind this Blue Light empowerment, and put an end to it, before the Homeland boys are unloosened upon the city.

The action is just as intense, and Hotwire just as prickly. Seriously, the girl has a chip the size of Mount Rushmore on her shoulder, but as Mobey works with her he’s softening towards her. Her life hasn’t been easy, and as cocky as she is she actually kinda knows what she’s doing, and maybe even more importantly willing to do it. And I don’t care what soul eater is, I just can’t wait to see it in action.

Steve Pugh again delivers not only some amazing work, but a great story, that doesn’t hold back. Things are heating up and there are still two more parts to this phenomenal story. If you haven’t picked up Hotwire yet, you’re definitely missing out!

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