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Brett Ratner To Direct Hercules… Check Out The Interview

(07/20) Barry Levine discusses the upcoming MGM film Hercules.


Radical Publishing Announces Debut of DAMAGED

Radical Publishing Announces Debut of DAMAGED

(06/16) Damaged #1 is out this August!

Press Releases

CBR Features A Preview of Damaged #1

(06/16) Preview Damaged #1 through CBR.


Abattoir Crawling with Twisted Characters

(06/16) Horror Happy Hour praises the Radical's Abattoir.


Nerd Society Recommends Earp: Saints for Sinners #2

(06/16) The art and writing in Earp #2 keep Nerd Society wanting more.


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Abattoir #5 is High-Quality, Creepy Fun

(06/16) Abattoir would be "one hell of a horror movie."


Comic Book Bin Image

Abattoir #5 Sets Up A Great Final Issue

(06/16) "Abattoir is a comic book that reads like a horror novel or suspense thriller."


Oblivion Mini Banner

Universal Announces Release Date for Oblivion

(06/16) Universal signs on to adapt Radical's Horizons.


Nerdlocker reviews Damaged #1

(06/15) Radical and Full Clip's Damaged #1 is out this August!

Reviews // Videos

Playback STL Logo

Playback: STL Applauds Art of Abattoir #4

(06/10) Middle issues are tough to do well, but Abattoir pulls it off.


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MTV Geek Features Preview of Damaged #1

(06/09) Get a sneak peek at Damaged #1 with MTV Geek.


PopMatters Praises Damaged #1

(06/09) PopMatters lauds the first issue of Damaged.

Previews // Reviews

R News Covers Abattoir #5 and Damaged #1

(06/08) R News covers Abattoir #5 and Damaged #1.


Worthington and Gray Set for Last Days of American Crime

(06/08) R News covers breaking news regarding the film adaptation of Radical's Last Days.