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Comics Anonymous Talks Driver

(10/25) Linsay Powell reviews Driver and discusses with writer John Heffernan.

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MTV Geek Tours Radical Studios

(10/18) MTV Geek features Radical Publishing as part of its Studio Tours series.

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Radical Art Director Explains House Art Style

(10/18) Art director Jeremy Berger discusses Radical's painterly approach.

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Radical VP Discusses Radical’s Beginnings

(10/18) Executive VP Jesse Berger discusses Radical's introduction with MTV.

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Barry Levine Talks Radical “Hercules” with MTV

(10/12) Radical President Barry Levine discusses the series with MTV Geek.

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Michael and John Schwarz on Geekscape

(09/29) Damaged creators John and Michael Schwarz co-host Geekscape.

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R News, Episode 16: Interview with John Heffernan

(09/29) R News interviews John Heffernan, author of Driver for the Dead.

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PopMatters Interviews Radical’s Chief Marketing Officer

(09/02) PopMatters and David Bass discuss the business behind Radical.


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AICN Interviews Damaged Creators

(09/01) Ambush Bug interviews Full Clip Productions.

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Sam Worthington Talks Damaged With CBR

(08/17) Comic Book Resources interviews Sam Worthington at SDCC.

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Dead Awesome Interview with Michael Schwarz, Pt. 2

(08/15) Dead Awesome's Lauren Pon interviews the Damaged creator.



AICN Interviews Barry Levine At SDCC 2011

(08/15) Mark Miller talks with Radical Founder and President about the company's success.



Dead Awesome Interviews Damaged Creator

(08/10) Dead Awesome interviews Michael Schwarz, one of the creators of Damaged.


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Michael Schwarz Talks Damaged At SF Signal

(08/05) SF Signal interviews the Damaged creator.

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