After Dark #2

After Dark #2
After Dark #2 After Dark #2 After Dark #2 After Dark #2

Created by: Antoine Fuqua & Wesley Snipes

Written by: Peter Milligan

Illustrated by: Leonardo Manco

Coloring by: Kinsun Loh, Jerry Choo & Sansaw Saw

Lettering by: VC's Clayton Cowles

In a world where sunlight is safety and darkness means certain death, riots have broken out amongst the discontented citizens of the planet. In order to quell these riots and bring hope back to the people, the military has gathered a rag-tag group of specialists and known criminals to search for humanity's last hope… a woman known only as Angel. Leading the rag-tag group across the darkness is Omar, a Bedouin with the ability to navigate the world by reading the sky. But when Trooper Jones gets sick with a viral strain within the first 24 hours of the mission, the ship's doctor decides to dump her into the darkness and move on. In response, Omar, the femme fatale Ana and gang brawler Monclare journey outside the ship on the cusp of darkness to get Jones some much needed help. However, when darkness does descend, Jones commits suicide and the ship leaves the three pilgrims alone in the dark to perish...

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