Aladdin #3

Aladdin #3
Aladdin #3 Aladdin #3

Written by: Ian Edginton

Illustrated by: Stjepan Sejic

Lettering by: Richard Starkings & Comicraft's Jimmy Betancourt

With Aysa, the Djinn of the Ring, Aladdin seeks help from the Queen of Sheba, sorceress and ex-wife of the evil sorcerer Qassim. As Aladdin learns the secrets of his Aramaspi ancestors and their ability to rewrite the world through the power of the Dreaming Jewel, Qassim draws yet closer to victory-- and Armageddon. It all comes down to a final battle in the lost kingdom of the Aramaspi between Aysa, the fabled Djinn of the Ring, and her husband Rhaz, the all- powerful Djinn of the Lamp. Can Aladdin and Sinbad brave the secrets and perils of their Aramaspi lineage to rescue Princess Soraya and save the world?

Price: $4.99
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