Caliber #3

Caliber #3
Caliber #3

Written by: Sam Sarkar 

Illustrated by: Imaginary Friends Studios 

Coloring by: Imaginary Friends Studios featuring Alexander Alexandrov & Svetlin Velinov 

Lettering by: Annie Parkhouse

After gunning down Talbot's men, Arthur has fled Telacoma with Whitefeather in search of help and safe haven. Talbot has placed a price on Arthur’s head and sent every hired gun possible to hunt him down, but after weeks, there has still been no success. Now, Talbot has taken the matter into his own hands, finally resorting to the services of a man widely known for his quick draw and deadly shot: Lance Lake. With Lance on their trail, it may be only a matter of time before Arthur and Whitefeather are laid to rest in the cold, white blanket of the snowy Telacoma countryside. With the odds stacked against them, do Arthur and Whitefeather stand a chance against Lance Lake and Talbot’s fury?

Price: $2.99
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