F.V.Z.A. #2

F.V.Z.A. #2

Written by: David Hine

Illustrated by: Roy Allan Martinez & Wayne Nichols

Coloring by: Kinsun Loh & Jerry Choo

Lettering by: Richard Starkings & Comicraft's Jimmy Betancourt

Based on the website fvza.org created by: Richard S. Dargan

After a successful raid on the zombie-infected town of Corben, the newly-reinstated FVZA’s recruits are on high alert. Meanwhile, as the agency scans the world for new outbreaks of the undead virus, the vampire high council begins its plan for domination of the United States. Only the knowledge of agency adviser Hugo Pecos and the battle skills of his grandchildren, Landra and Vidal, will give the FVZA a fighting chance at eradicating the undead threat once and for all!

Price: $4.99
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