Time Bomb TPB

Time Bomb TPB
Time Bomb TPB

Created & Written by: Jimmy Palmiotti & Justin Gray

Illustrated by: Paul Gulacy & Charles Yoakum

Coloring by : Rain Beredo

Lettering by: John J. Hill

After discovering a secret Nazi bunker from World War II, a small team of scientists accidentally triggers the detonation of the OMEGA BOMB, signaling the end of the human race as we know it. To prevent this terrible tragedy, the New World Order sends specialists Jack McCrea, Ken Weinhauser, Christian Granger and Peggy Medina back one day to stop the Omega Bomb from ever detonating. But, instead of traveling 24 hours back in time, the team finds themselves stranded in Nazi Germany.  Now trapped in a concentration camp with no one left to trust, the team tries desperately to find a way to destroy the Omega Bomb, before it's too late for all of humanity!

Price: $14.95
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