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Driver For The Dead TPB
Written & Created by: John Heffernan Illustrated by: Leonardo Manco Coloring by: Kinsun Loh & Jerry Choo Lettering by: Todd Klein Trade Design by: Nick Cabugos & Calvin Louie Alabaster Graves is the Driver for the Dead. He and his hearse, Black Betty, handle the more “lively” case.. read more
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Shrapnel Vol. 1: Aristeia Rising  #5
Created by: Mark Long & Nick Sagan Written by: M. Zachary Sherman Illustrated by: Bagus Hutomo Coloring by : Leos "Okita" Ng Lettering by: Sean Konot The war for galactic freedom reaches its final, pivotal moments as the Alliance’s nearly undefeatable Marines storm through the militia's resistance. Faced with imminent d.. read more
Hercules:  Knives Of Kush #5
Written by: Steve Moore Illustrated by: Cris Bolson Coloring by: Doug Sirois Lettering by: Todd klein After an explosive showdown of thunder and lightning on the battlefield, Hercules and his companions are set to end Egypt’s civil war. Even with a cunning plan to defeat the Lord of Lightning, Khadis, and king Amenmessu, there .. read more
Damaged #5
Created by: Michael Schwarz & John Schwarz Written by: David Lapham Illustrated by: Leonardo Manco Coloring by: Kinsun Loh, Jerry Choo & Sansan Saw Lettering by: Todd Klein With Election Day looming, the disappearance of five corrupt police officers becomes a tipping point in San Francisc.. read more
Abattoir #5
Created by: Darren Lynn Bousman Written by: Rob Levin & Troy Peteri Illustrated by: Wayne Nichols Coloring by: Andrei Pervukhin Lettering by: Troy Peteri Convinced that his friend Richard Ashwalt couldn’t have committed the murders he is accused of, Detective Al Sperry helps Richard investigate .. read more
City Of Dust #5
Written by: Steve Niles Illustrated by: ZID, Garrie Gastonny & Brandon Chng Coloring by: Buddy Jiang, Leos Ng 'Okita' & Sixth Creation Lettering by: Chris Eliopoulos In a world where imagination has been outlawed and nightmares have come to life, only one police officer, Detective Philip Khrome, is brave enough to bring h.. read more
Hotwire: Requiem For The Dead TPB
Created by: Steve Pugh & Warren Ellis Written & Illustrated by: Steve Pugh Lettering by: Steve Pugh Detective Alice Hotwire lives in a place where the dead share the same space with living. Most of the dead, better known as "blue lights," are the same harmless, witless drones lost in their death as they were in life. Some of .. read more
Caliber #5
Written by: Sam Sarkar  Illustrated by: Imaginary Friends Studios  Coloring by: Imaginary Friends Studios featuring Alexander Alexandrov & Svetlin Velinov  Lettering by: Annie Parkhouse The thrilling conclusion to the first chapter of the critically-acclaimed Caliber series! Having survi.. read more
Freedom Formula #5
Created & Written by: Edmund Shern Concept Design by: Imaginary Friends Studios Illustrated by: Chris Johnson Coloring by: Yina Goh & Kai Lettering by: Stanley Ong Decimated by betrayal but united by their common loss, the street gangs decide to work together for one final act of rebellion aga.. read more
City Of Dust TPB
Written & Created by: Steve Niles Coloring by: Buddy Jiang, Leos Ng 'Okita' Lettering by: Chris Eliopoulos Trade Design by: Nick Cabugos From the mind of STEVE NILES (30 Days of Night) comes a story set in the dark aftermath of our world's collapse. This chilling v.. read more