Earp #2

Earp #2
Earp #2 Earp #2 Earp #2 Earp #2

Created by: Matt Cirulnick & David Manpearl

Written by: M. Zachary Sherman & Matt Cirulnick

Illustrated by: Colin Lorimer

Coloring by: Kyushik Shin

Lettering by: Rus Wooton

Wyatt Earp has decided to retire in the wake of losing his brother Virgil in a train robbery. Doc Holliday, Wyatt's former partner and best friend, convinces him to start his own small casino, the AOK, in the last boomtown in America – Las Vegas. Wyatt and Doc team up with Wyatt's brother, Morgan, and Doc's girlfriend, Kate to run the AOK. Everything looks to be coming up roses until Flynn, the biggest billionaire in Vegas, arrives with a private security group, the Pinkertons, asking the AOK to pay them for protection. Morgan, outraged, decides to go on a heist with famed criminal Jesse James, a modern day Robin Hood who steals from the rich to give to the poor.  Morgan is captured and interrogated by Alan Pinkerton, but manages to escape with Flynn and the Pinkertons in hot pursuit. In a fierce battle, Morgan is killed and the AOK is set ablaze. Wyatt tangles with Pinkerton and rips the shirt from his back only to recognize the tattoo on his chest...  Pinkerton was the mysterious train robber who killed his brother, Virgil.

Price: $4.99
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