Earp #3

Earp #3
Earp #3 Earp #3 Earp #3 Earp #3

Created by: Matt Cirulnick & David Manpearl

Written by: M. Zachary Sherman & Matt Cirulnick

Illustrated by: Colin Lorimer

Coloring by: Kyushik Shin

Lettering by: Rus Wooton

The stunning reimagining of the Wild West's greatest lawman continues! The A.O.K. is in ruins. Wyatt's brother, Morgan, lies dead while the object of his affection, Josephine, has been kidnapped by the Pinkertons. Through all the mayhem and destruction of the AOK, Mayor Flynn and the Pinkertons have made one huge mistake… they left Wyatt alive. Now, Earp and his erstwhile nemesis, the notorious Jesse James, must join forces against Flynn and the Pinkertons to save the woman that they both love. Can Wyatt face his demons to avenge his brother, rescue his love, and rid the city of Flynn's corruption for good?

Price: $3.50
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