Earp #4

Earp #4
Earp #4 Earp #4 Earp #4 Earp #4

Created by: Matt Cirulnick & David Manpearl

Written by: M. Zachary Sherman & Matt Cirulnick

Illustrated by: Colin Lorimer

Coloring by: Kyushik Shin

Lettering by: Rus Wooton

After the Pinkertons destroy the A.O.K., murder his brother, and kidnap his love, Wyatt Earp, furious and seeking vengeance, finally decides to rejoin the fray and bring old-fashioned justice back to Sin City. However, he’s not going to do it alone. Aided by his old partner, Doc Holliday, along with Jesse James and his gang of outlaws, newly-reappointed U.S. Marshal Wyatt Earp sets out on a mission to take down Mayor Flynn and the Pinkertons, bring bloody justice to those who deserve it and ultimately rid Las Vegas of the corrupt powers that have reigned over it for so long. 

Price: $3.50
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