The Lords Of Misrule

The Lords Of Misrule

Created by: John Tomlinson, Dan Abnett, Steve White, Gary Erskine & Peter Snejbjerg

Written by: John Tomlinson, Dan Abnett & Steve White

Illustrated by: Gary Erskine & Peter Snejbjerg

Coloring by: Jim Ringuet

Lettering by: Annie Parkhouse

In the remote and timeless hamlet of Callow, nothing is what it seems. As villagers go about their daily routine, an ancient and bloodthirsty evil lurks beneath this pristine village. When people are murdered under unusual, gruesome circumstances, Jack Goodfellow returns to his hometown to investigate the death of his friend and ex-lover. As Jack begins his investigation, he uncovers secrets about his town, his family and his life, changing Jack's life forever.

Price: $24.95
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