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Radical Studios, Le Vision Embark on Joint Venture (Exclusive)

(04/20) Fresh from releasing “Oblivion,” Barry Levine’s company will team up with Zhang Zhao’s Beijing-based firm to deliver China-related features. BEIJING – Radical Studios and the Beijing-based Le Vision Pictures …


JB Wondercon 2012


(04/02) Hollywood’s love affair with comic book properties is the stuff of summer blockbuster legends, and Friday’s “Hollywood and Comics” panel atWonderCon 2012 brought together several experts working in both …

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CBR Covers Radical at WonderCon ’12

(04/18) Radical VP Jesse Berger speaks at WonderCon 2012.

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New Actresses Join Cast of Horizons

(01/20) Variety covers developments in the Universal sci-fi film.

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MTV Geek Tours Radical Studios

(10/18) MTV Geek features Radical Publishing as part of its Studio Tours series.

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Radical VP Discusses Radical’s Beginnings

(10/18) Executive VP Jesse Berger discusses Radical's introduction with MTV.

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Barry and Jesse

Barry Levine and Jesse Berger Interview with Newsarama

(08/03) Radical executives discuss SDCC 2009.


Barry and Jesse

Publisher’s Weekly on Radical Publishing

(07/16) Publisher's Weekly interviews Barry Levine and Jesse Berger.

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