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Mass Movement Interviews John Heffernan

(11/01) Mass Movement talks Driver for the Dead with John Heffernan.

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hollow point issue 1 by radicalartdirecto-d32mifo

Hollow Point Will Be “Radical’s Next Big Hit”

(02/28) Reviewer Lauren from Mass Movement Magazine praises Hollow Point.


Legends: Enchanted

Legends is “a Wonderfully Imaginative and Original Tale”

(02/09) Legends is different in a good way, says Mass Movement Magazine.


DriverfortheDead 1 Manco cover

Driver for the Dead is “Well Worth Picking Up”

(01/18) Mass Movement Magazine praises Driver for the Dead.


Last Days

Mass Movement Magazine Says Last Days #2 is “Brutal, with A Capital B”

(10/19) "Radical are onto something good with this particular series..."