PopMatters Interviews Radical’s Chief Marketing Officer

(09/02) PopMatters and David Bass discuss the business behind Radical.



Shathley Q Takes A Long Look at Damaged #2

(09/01) "Damaged is Bob Dylan and F. Scott Fitzgerald, Ernest Hemingway and Steven Spielberg."


Pop Matters Logo 2

PopMatters Features Radical

(08/25) Radical "reflects what entertainment is at its fullest," says PopMatters.


EARP Saints and Sinners 1

PopMatters Analyzes Earp #4

(08/11) Earp #4 signals new evolutions in the entertainment industry, says PopMatters.


Radical's SDCC 2011 Signing Schedule

PopMatters Features Radical’s 2011 SDCC Lineup

(07/19) Radical's SDCC 2011 lineup, as featured by PopMatters.


Pop Matters Purple

Want To Be Radical’s PopMatters VIP?

(07/19) Win tickets to be a VIP at SDCC 2011.

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PopMatters Exclusive with John and Michael Schwarz, Part II

(07/19) PopMatters talks with John and Michael Schwarz of Full Clip Productions.


PopMatters, Schwarz, 1

PopMatters Exclusive with John and Michael Schwarz – Part 1

(06/30) PopMatters interviews creators John and Michael Schwarz of Full Clip.

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PopMatters Praises Damaged #1

(06/09) PopMatters lauds the first issue of Damaged.

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Earp #3 Receives PopMatters’ Highest Praise

(05/20) "Earp used to be a superhero tale. It’s so much better now."


Radical’s Last Days Film Poised to Make Cinema History

(05/12) PopMatters speculates on Last Days' movie adaptation.

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Cool Dude-Pop

Last Days Gets A Perfect Score

(05/11) PopMatters raves about LDAC.


Jake the Dreaming… “A New Kind of Kids’ Story”

(05/06) Shathley Q takes a long look at a preview of Radical's Jake the Dreaming.

Previews // Reviews

Ryder on the Storm… “Reads Flawlessly”

(05/05) Ryder on the Storm is the perfect noir novel.