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Director Darren Lynn Bousman ‘Abattoir’ Signing

(10/15) Don't miss the Abattoir creative team signing at Dark Delicacies!

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Radical Announces Formation of Music Division

(09/23) Radical Studios is proud to announce the formation of Radical Music.

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On Sale Sept 15th – Time Bomb #2


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Sam Rami to Direct Futuristic Wyatt Earp

(07/19) Sam Raimi signs on to helm Earp: Saints for Sinners.


Ryder Cover Preview

Ryder on the Storm Radical Premiere

(07/08) Radical premieres crime noir series Ryder on the Storm.

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Full Clip Logo

Radical & Full Clip Announce Imprint Deal

(07/01) Radical Publishing and Full Clip Productions announce their imprint deal.

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Radical Joins TFAW in Supporting the CBLDF

(06/29) Support the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund!

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After Dark 1

Radical Publishing’s August 2010 Solicitations

(06/24) Radical's upcoming titles in 2010.

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Radical’s Legends: The Enchanted Getting Film Adaptation

(06/23) Imagine Entertainment picks up Legends: The Enchanted.



Nick Percival’s Enchanted

(06/18) Meet the Enchanted!

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Imagine Ent. and Radical Tackle ‘Legends’

(06/17) Imagine Ent. and Radical Pictures team to produce Legends: The Enchanted.

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Aladdin: Legacy of the Lost Out in Trade Paperback This July

(05/27) Don't forget to pick up your copy!

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Palmiotti & Gray to Ignite Time Bomb #1

(05/21) Time Bomb #1 is out in July 2010!

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Hotwire Deep Cut Issue 1

Hotwire: Deep Cut #1 Now Available to Order!

(05/14) Order your copy today!

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