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Oblivion Cover

Joseph Kosinski Set to Direct Oblivion

(08/06) Joseph Kosinski will helm Radical's Oblivion.

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Radical Invades The Comic Bug for FCBD

(08/04) The Comic Bug hosts a Radical signing.

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Live Steve Niles Webcast!

(08/04) Steve Niles hosts a live webcast through Radical's website.

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Comic Con Logo

Radical Publishing Rolls Out the Red Carpet for A 2009 SDCC Celebration

(08/04) Radical's show-stopping 2009 Comic Con celebration!

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Darren Bousman to Write and Direct “Abattoir”

(08/03) Radical announces Abattoir, a new horror project.

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“Tron Legacy” Director Joseph Kosinski Developing Feature for Radical Pictures

(08/03) Joseph Kosinski works on "Oblivion."

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Darren Bousman to Write and Direct “Abattoir”

(07/23) Darren Bousman signs at SDCC 2009 and announces a new project.

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Shrapnel: Aristeia Rising #5 Now on Sale!

(07/17) Shrapnel: Aristeia Rising #5 goes on sale and corrections to past ads are announced.

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Berg to Direct ‘Hercules’

(07/17) Peter Berg is set to helm Radical's Hercules film.

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Variety Reports on Bryan Singer Producing Freedom Formula

(07/17) Variety covers the story.

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Freedom Formula issue 1 cover A

Variety: Regency Eyes ‘Formula’ for Singer

(07/17) Variety covers Freedom Formula's upcoming film adaptation.

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Barry Levine and Radical Featured in Ad

(07/17) Singapore Media Fusion features Radical President Barry Levine.

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Hotwire: Requiem for the Dead #3 On Sale Now!

(07/17) Hotwire: Requiem for the Dead #3 is available this May 20th!

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Singapore’s Business Times on Freedom Formula

(07/16) Freedom Formula achieves success in Hollywood.