The Last Days of American Crime

Player Affinity gives Last Days a 9.3/10

Player Affinity gives Last Days a 9.3/10

(09/03) Review by Dustin Cabeal The setting is the not so distant future and it’s only a few days before crime and cash are eliminated from the United States …


Last Days 3 Cover A Maleev

CBR Interviews Rick Remender

(09/01) Rick Remender discusses The Last Days of American Crime.



Last Days #3 Included in Weekly Comic Book Review’s Top Picks!

(09/01) Top Picks looks forward to Last Days' conclusion.


Time Bomb

Project Fanboy Calls American Crime #3 “Truly Great”

(09/01) "...while I won't tell you who's left with the bag, I will tell you that the big pay-off belongs to the readers/"



Comic Book Jesus Calls Last Days #3 “Very Entertaining”

(09/01) "Radical prove again that they know what comics are capable of and are waiting for the other guys to catch up."



Radical’s Comic Con 2010 Panel Podcast

(08/10) Hear a recording of Radical's SDCC '10 Panel.


Ain’t It Cool News Interviews Barry Levine

(08/10) AICN interviews Radical's President, Barry Levine, at SDCC 2010.


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Sam Worthington & Full Clip Interview at

(08/07) Full Clip discusses the new company's plans.


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Sam Worthington Video Interview

(07/12) Variety interviews Sam Worthington about Last Days.


After Dark 1

Radical Publishing’s August 2010 Solicitations

(06/24) Radical's upcoming titles in 2010.

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Comic Book Jesus Gives the Lowdown on Last Days #2

(06/02) Last Days "is a guaranteed page turner."


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Sam Worthington Discusses Last Days With MTV

(03/31) MTV does a deep dive with Sam and Last Days of American Crime.


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Comic Book Orange Talks with Rick Remender

(02/02) CBO Interviews Rick Remender on YouTube.

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The Last Days of American Crime #1 Goes into its Second Printing!

(01/27) Last Days gets a second printing!

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