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M83 Scoring Joseph Kosinski’s ‘Oblivion’ Starring Tom Cruise

(06/28)   For his first feature film,¬†Joseph Kosinski embraced the challenge set forth to him by¬†Disney. Not only did he bring a unique visual eye to the blockbuster “Tron: …

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Jessica Chastain Joins Oblivion Cast

(09/27) Variety covers the story.

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Breaking R News: Tom Cruise to Star in Horizons

(05/21) R News covers Tom Cruise, star of sci-fi thriller Horizons.

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Universal Adopts Joe Kosinski’s ‘Oblivion’ with Tom Cruise

(04/13) Universal emerges as front-runner to purchase Oblivion from Disney.

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New Joseph Kosinski Interview

(09/27) Joseph Kosinksi talks about Tron and Oblivion.


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CBR Talks With Joseph Kosinski About Oblivion

(07/25) Steve Sunu talks movies and books with director Joe Kosinski.