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R News, Episode 16: Interview with John Heffernan

(09/29) R News interviews John Heffernan, author of Driver for the Dead.

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R News, Episode 15: Driver for the Dead Trade

(09/29) R News takes a look at the for the Dead miniseries, now in trade paperback.

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Reviewer Joyce3187 Weighs in on Hotwire: Deep Cut #1

(09/21) Joyce3187 shares her opinion of Hotwire: Deep Cut #1.

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YouTube Reviewer Joyce3187 Takes a Look at After Dark #1

(09/21) Joyce3187 reviews After Dark #1.

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YouTube’s Joyce3187 Reviews Driver for the Dead #1 and 2

(09/21) Joyce3187 shares her thoughts on Driver for the Dead #1 and 2.

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Nerdlocker Reviews Damaged #2

(09/08) Nerdlocker Comic Book Reviews share their thoughts on Damaged #2.

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Sam Worthington Talks Damaged With CBR

(08/17) Comic Book Resources interviews Sam Worthington at SDCC.

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R News, Episode 14: Damaged

(08/10) R News covers Damaged #1, out August 17.

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Nerdlocker Reviews Abattoir #6

(08/09) Nerdlocker takes a look at Abattoir #6 in this week's video reviews.

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R News Episode #9: EARP #4

(07/19) R News covers the final issue of Earp: Saints for Sinners, on sale 6/29/11.

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Nerdlocker reviews Damaged #1

(06/15) Radical and Full Clip's Damaged #1 is out this August!

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R News Episode 5: EARP 3

(04/27) R News brings you a preview of EARP #3.

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R News Episode #2: Time Bomb TPB

(03/24) R News episode #2 responds to viewer demand and highlights the new graphic novel Time Bomb.

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Comic Culture Warriors’ Video Review of Hotwire: Deep Cut #1

(08/14) Comic Culture Warriors touch on Hotwire.

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