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Radical Publishing Featured by Comics Waiting Room

“A comic book publishing company which consistently produces entertaining stories and beautiful artwork while not skimping on the general quality of the book and overcharging poor, beleaguered consumers for each issue.

…Radical Comics may not possess the creative rights to famous and lucrative characters like Wolverine or Superman, but they are on the fast track to building an impressive street cred of their own. They stand behind their artists and writers and do not compromise on quality simply to make money. They are committed to the comics, not the selling numbers or profit margin, which is wonderfully exciting and encouraging. As writer Steve Pugh put it: ‘No other company would take the risk.’ If Radical can survive this eclectic economy without going belly up, and if they can hang onto their morals and remember their credo of creating quality comics, I feel confident this is a company which will continue to blow the minds of fans and critics alike for a long time to come.”

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5 Responses to Radical Publishing Featured by Comics Waiting Room

  1. Gerry says:

    Radical Comics have really changed the way i think about comics. While other houses like Avatar, IDW, Image, Dynamite, Chaos and Dark Horse comics have also great titles, Radical has the best art of them all. The stories are written with great style and they are trascending the genres. Hope they keep it coming.

  2. Kaycoville says:

    Ryder on the storm. Was awesome. Have the comic got it last my comic store.going again Jodi takes when she can.good night to all.bless you.

  3. Zach says:

    I love all this company has put forth but havnt seen anything in a long time. I need my Radical fix brothas!

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