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SciFi Mafia Reports On Shrapnel Film

Article by Lillian Standefer

Actress Hilary Swank is no stranger to playing strong women. Swank delves into the sci-fi genre with Radical Pictures in this next project, Shrapnel. The film adapts the sci-fi comic of the same name written by Nick Sagan and M. Zachary Sherman and created by Sagan and Mark Long.

Shrapnel takes place in 2250 and centers on “a former Solar Alliance Marine who organizes a revolt on Venus, the last free colony, against an oppressive solar government in order to fight for the freedom of her people.” The story is said to have “elements of a Western.”

According to Variety, Radical has snagged scribe Toby Wagstaff to write the script. A director has not been set yet though there is significant interest in the project by top directors. The project began as a trilogy of graphic novels through Radical Publishing. There is also an iPhone game based on Shrapnel.

Barry Levine, president of Radical, stated this about Swank’s enlistment on the project:

“Hilary came to Radical excited to find a project with a strong female protagonist that could show off her abilities to do action films. With Hilary being an actor’s actor, Shrapnel will give a whole new definition to that type of role.”

Swank sought to explain her involvement in this atypical genre choice for her:

“I am a fan of the work that Barry Levine and Radical Pictures are doing in the comic and action arena. Shrapnel and specifically the character of Sam offer me the opportunity to dive into an exciting character with many layers and depth that are rarely found in this genre.”

Producer Sean Daniel (The Mummy) described the project as a sci-fi story with “elements of classic Westerns:”

Shrapnel takes core elements of classic Westerns and brings them into a futuristic epic. We are excited to be working with Hilary to create a cutting edge heroine for a new generation.”

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