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Michael and John Schwarz on Geekscape

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Damaged 2Geekscape 229: Heroes Don’t Come in Spandex

Guest Co-hosts: Michael and John Schwarz! Movie Reviews: “Moneyball” and “The Killer Elite”! Movie News: Is Patty Jenkins directing Thor 2! Is Mass Effect becoming a movie? Comics: Michael and John talk about creating their book “Damaged” written by David Lapham and executive produced by Sam Worthington! Video Games: Jonathan loves Gears of War 3! PLUS! Michael and John tell inside stories about living and working with Sam Worthington and seeing him go from couch-sitter to mega-star (but always being an awesome guy)!Also! Lost footage! Super Action Man invades Comic Con!

Click the image to watch this video at Geekscape or click here to learn more about Damaged!

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