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Mass Movement Lauds Driver for the Dead

Review by Tim at Mass Movement Magazine

I guess, like most people, when I think about horror comics, I think about EC, Steve Niles, Robert Kirkman and… that’s about it. Or at least it was it, until I read Driver for the Dead by John Heffernan, a name the more astute of you might recognise from the credits of Snakes On A Plane. And Mass Movement 31. Where was I? Oh yes, Driver for the Dead, a high octane voodoo chiller featuring a brooding, gun toting ex-military hero who transports the special cases, both dead and undead, to wherever it is they have to go, in a V8 GTO repurposed as Hearse, who finds himself butting heads with two hundred year old necromancer intent on stealing the heart, and thus power, from the corpse of one of the most powerful magicians to have ever walked the Bayou. It’s a non-stop rollercoaster ride filled with action, blood, guts, gore and more, that riffs on Greek and Norse mythology whilst establishing the hero (Alabaster Graves) past and his purpose in life, explaining why his “job” (or calling) chose him rather than the other way around. Sharp dialogue, pitch perfect plotting and incredible artwork courtesy of Leonardo Manco combine to make ‘Driver For The Dead’ one of the best horror books to have hit the shelves since the century clock ticked over to twenty one. Seriously, you need to check this out and check it out like yesterday before the bigwig lizard people (thanks Mr. Icke!) who rule Hollywood snap it up and transform it into a Summer Blockbuster. Which they will, and if you haven’t read it before it rings tills in Multiplexes the world over, well, you’ll just be lame, won’t you? And you don’t want to be lame do you? Didn’t think so. The Unholy Triumvirate just became the Four Horsemen…

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