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Time Bomb is “A Curious Experiment That Works”

Review by “Vic” at

Dolmen Editorial introduced us, a few weeks ago, to a new title from Radical Books: Time Bomb, a curious mix of science fiction and war genres. Created by Jimmy Palmiotti, Justin Gray and Paul Gulacy, is a curious experiment that works and provides a good read.

The plot revolves around the discovery of a hidden city beneath the streets of Berlin, where Hitler’s doomsday weapon — an Omega bomb designed to destroy the entire human species–  is activated by accident.

Therefore, a team of experts with weapons and more advanced equipment must travel back in time to prevent the bomb’s explosion. However, they soon discover that instead of traveling a couple of days back in time as expected, they have been sent back to the heart of Hitler’s Germany!

Time Bomb is the third title from comic book publisher Radical in Spain, a work that follows the premises of the previous two (it’s a short project created by artists under the premise of seeking possible film adaptation), and the truth is that after the good taste of Hotwire and FVZA, Time Bomb does not disappoint. Of course, this time we leave a little of the fantastic premises of the previous two to find ourselves in a sci-fi thriller about time travel to destroy a Nazi invention that is about to end the world, but is not just an excuse to give us a Tarantino-style war movie (and there much of his Inglourious Basterds in this comic).

This is a team of operations who are urged to travel through time via a revolutionary device, for once in the past, they must prevent the detonation of a device that contains a virus that is destroying Europe and threatens to do the same to the rest of the world in just a few hours. Unfortunately, something goes wrong and they are sent to the twilight of the Second World War, although, of course, they are men of action, and if it’s necessary to go to Berlin to destroy the bomb… then why not kill Nazis on the way?

Time Bomb is a delight in war comedy, the element of time travel is very well done, Palmiotti and Gray have fun like crazy with the script, and the odd fact is that the excesses make it an enjoyable read. As for Paul Gulacy’s drawing, we have to praise his pages, as he is able to make us remember some of the best war movies of the genre.

This book, like the previous two, is impeccable. Dolmen has been working hard on this project and there is no possible complaint. It is a wonder for the price.

Three of three. Dolmen are trapping us with this interesting imprint… I hope someone in Hollywood decided to adapt these comics to the big screen, I shudder to think of the possibilities!

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Note: This article has been translated from its original Spanish. If you notice any significant errors, please let us know in the comments section below and corrections will be made. Thank you!

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