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3 Million Years Praises Last Days

Review by Michael Nimmo

Written by The Punisher’s Rick Remender this 3 part series tracks back and forth over a gangs last heist before there can be no crime in the USA.

That’s it, that’s all you need to know. That was the premise that drew me to the book and I’m glad I got it.

The story is well crafted with no loose end left by the end. It has some well rounded characters and shows their histories and motivations well. Throughout the book you get glimpses of the characters outside the main thread, which all come together at the end. To do that over three issues and to make it feel like more is a work of art.

Greg Tocchini’s art work really well here, from the sex, to the violence and talking heads, you get a good feel for how the characters are feeling at the time.

Also, I love the 1st issue’s front cover!

The Last Days of American Crime Remender TocchiniAlong with our main protagonist and supporting cast, you get a feel for the underground in this America. The story is interspersed with news about the switch on of the anti crime signal, but this doesn’t interfere with the story.

What I would like to see is more of this from Rick Remender and co., Radical have an excellent title here and I am glad to spread the word!

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2 Responses to 3 Million Years Praises Last Days

  1. Kaycoville says:

    I can not find a copy of lads days of America crime.can you help me..OK.I live in Canada .

  2. Radical says:

    Hello, Ms. Coville,

    We anticipate having our online site up and running in the near future; it should be possible to purchase a physical copy through the service soon!

    In the meantime, digital copies are available on iTunes, if you’re able to read books in iBook format. (Please see:

    Thank you very much for contacting us, we appreciate your inquiry!

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