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Featured Artist-Francesco “Matt” Mattina

Radical Studios is excited to announce a brand new Featured Artist promotion that will showcase the immense talent of the artists who have worked on our titles. Radical fans will be able to learn more about the people behind the great art and, for a limited time only, will be able to purchase special edition lithos from the Radical Shop.

Visit the Featured Artist page here:

The current Featured Artist is Francesco “Matt” Mattina, cover artist for both Ryder on the Storm and After Dark. Previously a designer, character and scenery work professional for theatre productions and a concept artist for VFX Studios factory, in 2007 he began working as a cover artist with Marvel Comics. Notable pieces include Fantastic Four, Thunderbolts, War Machine, The Punisher, Marvel Zombies, Shadowland, Taskmaster, Moon Knight, Nova and Wolverine.  From 2009 he’s been working with DC Comics tasked with the covers of Batman Confidential, Azrael, Red Hood and Arkham Asylum and the soon-to-be published Batman: Europa mini-series. Currently collaborating with DC Comics Licensing (Superman/Batman: Apocalypse and Green Lantern cover and menus designs), Warner Bros Entertainment, Activision, Radical Publishing (Ryder on the Storm, After Dark and Exile). He also teaches illustration and American comics courses at Turin’s Scuola Internazionale di comics. Founder of Italian Job Studio with Giuseppe Camuncoli (Amazing Spider-man), Riccardo Burdchielli (DMZ) and Stefano Caselli (Amazing Spider-man).

Radical recently sat down with Matt to find out a little bit more from the man himself:


Not that I have any time for hobbies.. but if I really would have to say something the closest thing to a hobby I have is my motorcycle…

Favorite food?

Everything is a favourate of mine. I love to cook so I love to eat.

Pet peeve?

Really? could be weird but when my girlfriend leaves the bathroom filled with pieces of tissue covered in make up remover….. think you know what i mean

Most interesting place you have visited?

Its all about the people I guess… and in this line of work… the interesting and weird comes in abundance.

Biggest accomplishment?

Notoriety and artistic independance

Where you see yourself in 5 years?

Seriously, wouldn’t mind being an art director on projects created by myself…

Whats your favorite thing about working with Radical?

Creative opportunities and our shared and very similar artistic taste

If you weren’t an artist what would you be and why?

A chef…. most definetely…

Please visit the Radical Shop at to take advantage of this and other great promotions we offer and stay tuned for more on your favorite artists.

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