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Radical Studios Gives Dynamics ePlate Users Access to Hercules Items with Each Purchase

OCT 23, Los Angeles, CA – Radical Studios makes history today with the national launch of the Hercules experience™, Radical’s first comic series payments application for the battery-powered Dynamics ePlate™ credit card device. The innovative offering lets consumers earn Hercules-related products with every purchase.

When selected, the Hercules experience™ allows consumers to earn a digital image from the Hercules series for every $15 the consumer spends anywhere they use their Dynamics ePlate™ credit card device. For every 50 images collected, consumers will be able to redeem prizes including books, apparel, memorabilia and other merchandise and offerings with incredible value.

Consumers can sign up for a battery-powered Dynamics ePlate™ credit card device at

“At Radical we have always strived to be on the cutting edge of media and technology innovation,” said Barry Levine, President of Radical Studios. “With our new Hercules experience™ application fans can now fully engage with one of our most coveted franchises and earn amazing gifts and prizes in the process.”

“Allowing fans to connect with the interests they’re passionate about is a key part of the ePlate system,” said Jeff Mullen, CEO of Dynamics. “Allowing Hercules followers to connect with this amazing franchise through this experience is a great example by Radical Studios.”

The ePlate™ credit card device is subject to a credit approval.

How It Works - ePlate™ is connected to an ecosystem of experience™ providers that each deliver an individualized brand experience, through an experience™ application, to the consumer. Prior to a purchase, consumers select multiple experience™ applications on their smart phone, tablet, or computer to port to their ePlate™ device. At the time of purchase, the consumer can use different buttons on their ePlate™ device to select different experience™ applications. To learn more about the ePlate™ device, watch the video at

About Dynamics Inc. – Dynamics Inc., founded in 2007 by Jeff Mullen, designs and manufactures intelligent battery-powered payment devices and advanced payment platforms. The company won the $1M People’s Choice Award at DEMO Fall 2010, four Finovate Best of Show awards, and Best in Show for Personal Electronics at the 2011 International CES show. Dynamics investors include Adams Capital Management and Bain Capital Ventures. For more information, visit

About Radical Studios – Radical Studios is a multimedia studio business model centralized around a catalog of stories and characters that are used as a basis for generating revenue streams across all media channels. The company is currently focused on building strong and diversified licensing revenue for its intellectual properties in both domestic and international markets, in physical and digital publishing, feature films, television, merchandise, recorded music, digital and online media applications and mobile and social games.

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