Previously a designer, character and scenery work professional for theatre productions and a concept artist for VFX Studios factory, in 2007 he began working as a cover artist with Marvel Comics. Notable pieces include Fantastic Four, Thunderbolts, War Machine, The Punisher, Marvel Zombies, Shadowland, Taskmaster, Moon Knight, Nova and Wolverine. From 2009 he’s been working with DC Comics tasked with the covers of Batman Confidential, Azrael, Red Hood and Arkham Asylum and the soon-to-be published Batman: Europa mini-series. Currently collaborating with DC Comics Licensing (Superman/Batman: Apocalypse and Green Lantern cover and menus designs), Warner Bros Entertainment, Activision, Radical Publishing (Ryder on the Storm, After Dark and Exile). He also teaches illustration and American comics courses at Turin’s Scuola Internazionale di comics. Founder of Italian Job Studio with Giuseppe Camuncoli (Amazing Spider-man), Riccardo Burdchielli (DMZ) and Stefano Caselli (Amazing Spider-man).


Country: Italy

Radical Projects: Ryder on the Storm, After Dark, Exile

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