Abattoir #3

Abattoir #3
Abattoir #3 Abattoir #3 Abattoir #3 Abattoir #3

Created by: Darren Lynn Bousman

Written by: Rob Levin & Troy Peteri

Illustrated by: Bing Cansino, Rodell Noora & Dennis Calero

Coloring by: Andrei Pervukhin

Lettering by: Troy Peteri

After a local man brutally massacres his family, realtor Richard Ashwalt receives the unenviable task of putting the house back on the market. But before the house is even cleaned, a mysterious man named Jebediah Crone offers to purchase it. Everything about the situation seems wrong, and Richard refuses the stranger's offer, despite his desire to unload the house quickly. However, Richard's boss decides to sell the house to Crone despite Richard’s misgivings. Soon after, Richard finds himself suddenly a person of interest in a murder investigation, and when a tire iron with his prints on it is discovered, Richard is forced to go on the run. Exhausted and haunted by horrifying visions, Richard returns to the house that started it all in search of answers. There, he finds all traces of the massacre gone, including the crawl space where the youngest boy was murdered. Richard tears into the wall and finds a mirror covered in runes, but what he sees in its reflection haunts him to his very core.

Price: $3.50
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