Abattoir #5

Abattoir #5
Abattoir #5 Abattoir #5 Abattoir #5 Abattoir #5

Created by: Darren Lynn Bousman

Written by: Rob Levin & Troy Peteri

Illustrated by: Wayne Nichols

Coloring by: Andrei Pervukhin

Lettering by: Troy Peteri

Convinced that his friend Richard Ashwalt couldn’t have committed the murders he is accused of, Detective Al Sperry helps Richard investigate the mysterious Jebediah Crone’s past.  Slight headway is made when Richard and Al discover the fact that Jebediah is at least one hundred years old and has been tormenting people for decades. As pieces of the puzzle begin to unfurl, Richard’s grip on his sanity begins to unravel. After returning home to retrieve some things for his “mission," Rich encounters and kills a hideous creature. Just how far has Richard's grip on reality loosened…

Price: $3.50
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