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Cholly & Flytrap: Center City
Created, Written & Illustrated by: Arthur Suydam Lettering by: John Workman, Chris Eliopoulos & Annie Parkhouse Center City is a classic film noir action-adventure lovingly composed and hand-painted by Marvel Comics superstar ARTHUR SUYDAM. Sin City-style frantic pacing, grim tension, intrigue and edgy humor abound in this cr.. read more
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Legends: The Enchanted
Created, Written & Illustrated by: Nick Percival Lettering by: Richard Starkings & Comicraft's Jimmy Betancourt Violently ripped from the pages of folklore, the Enchanted emerge. This band of supernatural immortals inhabits a twisted steam-punk realm infested by nightmarish creatures. A place where nature, technology and foul mag.. read more
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The Lords Of Misrule
Created by: John Tomlinson, Dan Abnett, Steve White, Gary Erskine & Peter Snejbjerg Written by: John Tomlinson, Dan Abnett & Steve White Illustrated by: Gary Erskine & Peter Snejbjerg Coloring by: Jim Ringuet Lettering by: Annie Parkhouse In the remote and timeless hamlet of Callow, nothing is what it seems. As vi.. read more
Mateki: The Magic Flute
Created & Illustrated by: Yoshitaka Amano From the world’s greatest fantasy artist, Yoshitaka Amano, comes a masterful interpretation of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart’s classic opera The Magic Flute. Mateki tells the beautiful and dark tale of a young man who must put away his flute and become a warrior in order to save his beloved from th.. read more
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Created by: Joseph Kosinski Written by: Joseph Kosinski & Arvid Nelson Illustrated by: Andree Wallin   From Joseph Kosinski, visionary director of Disney’s TRON: LEGACY, comes a science fiction tale like no other. In a future Earth, civilization lives above the clouds and scavengers collect ancient .. read more