Shrapnel Vol. 1: Aristeia Rising #2

Shrapnel Vol. 1: Aristeia Rising  #2

Created by: Mark Long & Nick Sagan

Written by: M. Zachary Sherman

Illustrated by: Bagus Hutomo

Coloring by : Leos "Okita" Ng

Lettering by: Sean Konot

As interplanetary war escalates, the last free colony of the solar system balances on the precipice of genocide. Lost in self-imposed exile, Sam, must confront the blood sins of her past and rise to rally humanity to its last stand for freedom. As the darkening skies of war approach, she poignantly reflects upon the shadows that will once again be cast upon her own heart. Sam thought she was finished with war, but war isn’t finished with her just yet...

Price: $2.99
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