Shrapnel Vol. 2: Hubris #3

Shrapnel Vol. 2: Hubris #3

Created by: Mark Long & Nick Sagan

Written by: Nick Sagan & Clinnette Minnis

Illustrated by: Concept Art House

Lettering by: Sean Conot

A savior to some and terrorist to others, Sam returns to the war-ravaged red planet of her birth to raise an army against those who would tyrannize her people. Flung into alliances and rivalries with religious sects and violent revolutionaries, the prospective liberator of the Solar System is forced to walk a dangerous path. And yet, with so much riding on her shoulders, Sam begins to slip into the darkness of her own soul, putting her army and cause at risk of annihilation by the most formidable foe of all… herself.

Price: $4.99
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