R News 23

R News, Episode 23: Radical Books Available on iTunes

(03/22) Radical Publishing is proud to announce that we are releasing our back catalog on iTunes!


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R News, Episode 22: Damaged #5

(01/19) R News covers the February 1st release of Damaged #5.



Digitar Announces Feb. 1 Debut of Damaged #5

(01/19) Digitar at spreads the word.

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R News 21

R News, Episode 21: Sam Worthington Spotlight

(01/03) R News spotlights Sam Worthington, executive producer of Damaged.



Nerdlocker Reviews Damaged #4

(12/01) Nerdlocker Comic Reviews takes a look at Damaged #4.

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R News, Episode 19: John Heffernan Skype Call

(10/28) Contest winner Linsay Powell talks to John Heffernan about Driver for the Dead.

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Comics Anonymous Talks Driver

(10/25) Linsay Powell reviews Driver and discusses with writer John Heffernan.

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Nerdlocker Highlights Shrapnel

(10/18) Nerdlocker discusses Hilary Swank's involvement with Radical's Shrapnel.

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EerieTube Takes A Look at Jake the Dreaming

(10/18) Cooper Barnes reviews Radical's Jake the Dreaming Preview.

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MTV Geek Tours Radical Studios

(10/18) MTV Geek features Radical Publishing as part of its Studio Tours series.

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Radical Art Director Explains House Art Style

(10/18) Art director Jeremy Berger discusses Radical's painterly approach.

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Radical VP Discusses Radical’s Beginnings

(10/18) Executive VP Jesse Berger discusses Radical's introduction with MTV.

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Michael and John Schwarz on Geekscape

(09/29) Damaged creators John and Michael Schwarz co-host Geekscape.

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R News, Episode 17: Damaged #2

(09/29) R News covers the release of Damaged #2.

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