Book of the Month-

Radical Studios is excited to announce our next Book of the Month. November will be a truly epic month as we feature our best selling series Hercules: The Thracian Wars and its sequel Hercules: The Knives of Kush.

Hercules is an action-filled adventure of the most famous Ancient Greek hero. It is written by Steve Moore while the pages are brought to life thanks to art by Admira Wijaya and Cris Bolson. The entire series including our amazing lithos of the book’s art are now 50% off! Additionally, we are offering fans one litho for FREE with every purchase of a Hercules issue while those who purchase a Hercules trade will receive three lithos! At the end of the checkout process enter the code BOM and the discount will be applied.

Written by: Steve Moore

Art by: Admira Wijaya, Cris Bolson

Colors by: Sixth Creation, Imaginary Friends Studios & Doug Sirous

Lettering by: Todd Klein

Cover art by: Jim Steranko, Clint Langley, Arthur Suydam, Imaginary Friends, JP Targete, Daryl Mandryk, Marko Djurdjevic, Stjepan Sejic, John Bolton